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Detail of side table in oak

Why buy from me?

If you are looking for furniture or kitchenware which is

  • Beautiful and practical
  • Made to an original design
  • Constructed using traditional techniques
  • Suitable for the modern home
  • Made from solid wood
  • Repairable and restorable in the long-term
  • Practical for family use
  • Made with non-toxic glues and finishes
  • Handmade using hand tools
  • Keeping traditional crafts alive
  • Incorporating traditional upholstery
  • Good value for money

then I may have what you are looking for.

My furniture is designed for people who expect their furniture to last more than a lifetime. All my furniture has been designed by me. These original pieces are equally at home beside other contemporary furniture or antiques. Although beauty is an essential component, the function of a piece is equally important to me. Many of my furniture designs are used in my own home before I am happy with them.

Hinge detail

Traditional furniture construction and traditional finishes are my speciality. All joints are hand cut and held with hot animal glue to ensure restoration is possible in a hundred years' time. Proven and robust finishes such as cold-pressed raw linseed oil and dewaxed shellac are applied to enhance the piece and will lead to the development of an excellent patina where frequent use leaves its mark.

Detail of rush seat

Upholstered items are made using methods usually only seen on the best antiques. This ensures comfortable, long-lasting upholstery that can be repaired and restored rather than being thrown into landfill.

Detail of cheese board

My kitchenware is also made from specially selected timber. Breadboards and salad bowls, for example, are made from single pieces of wood from very large trees in order to avoid the inherent weakness of glued-up boards, which ultimately fail along the glue lines when they are washed repeatedly.

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