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Wooden kitchenware

Whenever I go to a decent cookshop I am usually impressed by the quality of the knives, saucepans and other metalwork but, sadly, the wooden items are often a trifle basic and frequently the product of a factory where cost-reduction is all they do. Sure, that rolling pin only costs a few pounds, but is it worth buying? Do you really want it in your kitchen? As a service to the discerning cook, I am offering my woodwork skills to those who need them by producing bespoke wooden kitchenware. If you know what you want, and it is made from wood, I can probably make it for you. Need a really big, one-piece wooden breadboard? Or a knife block that is built around your set of knives? Or a wooden pepper mill in a special timber? Or even a butcher's chopping block of a specific size. It can all be done, specially for you.

Prices for one-piece solid wood chopping boards are from £30. The larger wedding cake cheese boards are approximately £100. Salt and pepper mills tend to cost between £30 and £60 depending upon size and cost of timber.

Please click on the pictures for more details.

Salad servers in plane Salad servers in beech
Rectangular breadboard in sycamore
Small chopping board in elm Breadboard with handle in sycamore
Cheese board in sycamore
Large wedding cake cheese board in bubinga Wedding cake cheese board in sycamore
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