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Contemporary wooden furniture

You'll have your own requirements, of course. These are just some of the pieces I have made for other customers. If there isn't a picture of what you want, don't worry! Due to my training, I am capable of making a wide range of pieces. I am also familiar with a great many of the traditional timbers and finishes. Just phone me to discuss your requirements.

Prices for small items of furniture start at around £250. Chairs are usually between £400 and £800 each and dining tables tend to start at around £2000. I always use very good grades of timber.

Please click on the pictures for more details.

Long dining table Pedestal dining table
Library steps
Hornbeam side table Fumed oak side table
Bedroom chair
Upholstered duet piano stool in mahogany Piano stool with straight legs
Corner cabinet in limed oak Modern corner cabinet for bathroom
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